History Group Christmas Card 2020

December c.1970 Galmpton Creek

Dear History Group Member,

It doesn’t seem so long ago that I last got in touch and here we still are, in our state of semi-isolation. Well, patience is a virtue and I for one have a nervous anticipation for renewal in springtime 2021. Once things have settled following Christmas, during late January your History Group Committee will meet, one way or another, to plan a means of bringing us together, whether in or outdoors, even if it is to be on a limited basis.

For those who have access to our website I have recently added to our parish historical story under the ‘Historical Sites’ header. ‘Coastal Heritage at Broadsands’ is a piece relating to an interesting, although often unrecognised relationship with that beautiful Devonshire estate up river – Dartington. The relationship is in fact more closely associated with the Elmhirsts of Dartington themselves. They are long gone now but you will see that a piece only of a dream they had in the 1930s for our beautiful Broadsands is still retained today in bricks and mortar. Luckily for us, I would say, it didn’t all quite go to plan!

Your members’ ‘Christmas Card’ above, was taken by myself around Christmas time in the early 70s – not quite sure which year it was. I thought you would like to see the boatyard when the snow covered sheds were still in being, complete with shear-legs. Jenny and I were two young teachers at the time – living history!

Wishing everyone a happy but safe Christmas followed by a New Year of optimism.

On behalf of the History Group Committee

John (Risdon)      Chairman