In memory of past committee member, David Barr

It is with great sadness that I have to inform our membership of the recent death of one of our late members, David Barr. David with his wife Ann, lived at Manor Court, Galmpton. On the death of Ann some four years ago, David moved to Hertfordshire to be nearer to his daughter Vida. During their full lives here at Galmpton, David became a Committee Member of the History Group in which he played an immensely active and constructive role. His early life in the Royal Navy, where he rose to the rank of Commander, provided those subtle leadership and social qualities in retirement and all of us who have had the privilege to know him and Ann, remember a gentleman of honour and genuine friendship.

As a Committee Member, one duty that David oversaw with relish was Devon County Council’s Local Care Scheme for Footpaths. His love of walking both the countryside and coast is illustrated in this photograph, David easily identified by his white hat!

Greenway Breakfast Walk on the 29th April 2006

Also in the shot is Committee Member Tony Warner, together with Jill Warner and Jenny Risdon.

Walking and sociability – two great characteristics of David.

The second picture shows David participating in a History Group Dartmoor walk, the actual date unknown but roughly 2004. The site is the Henroost Mine on the O’Brook stream, with David standing on the doorstep of the mine captain’s house; all that remained of the building!

Both of these joyful activities remain unforgettable moments for me.

I can remember how David, a man of great knowledge and intellect, was always interested in learning more about his world.

Rest in peace, David.

John Risdon